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Bernburg State Psychiatric Hospital - its transformation to Killing Center

In 1940, the transformation of a portion of the Bernburg State Psychiatric Hospital and Nursing Home to a Nazi Euthanasia Killing Center began.

In the basement of the building on campus known as "Men's House II", an experimental gas chamber was built. The Bernburg gas chamber was built by Erwin Lambert and fastidiously maintained by Herbert Kalisch.  Herbert was a very busy man as he was also the electrician employed by Sonnenstein Euthanasia Centre to maintain their gas chamber.  Another essential contributor to the killing plan was the chief chemist for the Kriminalpolizei, Albert Widmann, who recommended the use of bottle carbon monoxide for use in the gas chambers. 

Watch this YouTube video for an excellent virtual walk through of Bernburg Gas Chamber:

Next post, I will address the people that made it possible to kill 9,385 people with disabilities.

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