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Nazi Euthanasia Research Project in Erlangen, Germany

I was able to meet with Dr. Sabrina Freund, the research assistant at the Chair of the History of Medicine at FAU Erlangen-Nuremberg and project employee in the Nazi “euthanasia” research project in Franconia for the Erlangen sanatorium and nursing home, “Aktion T 4” and “Die Hunger” on December 7, 2023, during my Christmas Market Group Tour with the Baltimore Kickers.

It was very interesting to learn about their Nazi "euthanasia" research project in Erlangen, Germany, which began in 2019. They have worked with victims' families and, so far, have gone through 1,200 patient files. Some facts about the patients at Erlangen:

700 - 800 patients were put in starvation diets and died from malnutritution. For these patients, death may have also been illness caused by staff leaving the windows open in winter and no heat.
900 patients were sent to one of two euthanasia killing centers - Pirna Sonnestein or Hartheim.

There were six killing centers in total:

The project will be building a memorial for the patients killed at this site and it should be completed by 2027. I would like to visit and see it when it has been completed.

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