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Ruth's Family Descendents

In honor of the American holiday, Thanksgiving, I thought a post about Tante Ruth's family would be appropriate.

Not only does Tante Ruth live on in the memories of her family, but her extended family line continues to grow.  Ruth’s niece’s granddaughter bears a striking resemblance to Ruth.  On the left is Ruth and on the right is Aubrey, Helen Knuppel Foster’s granddaughter.  The photos are taken at approximately the same age, 11 years of age, for both girls.

Photo of Ruth Mühlmann in 1932 or 1933, approximately age 11, compared to a photo of her great grandniece, Aubrey in 2022, age 11.  Picture printed with permission of Heidi Foster, Ruth’s great niece.

Celebrating Ruth's nephew, Henry Knuppel's birthday in 2022. All of the people are Tante Ruth's family.

I am thankful for each and every one who reads this blog. My purpose of this blog is to educate and spread awareness of a long overlooked and under-researched aspect of World War II history, the secret euthansia programs of Hitler.

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