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Tante Ruth's Family Tree

Original artwork by the artist, Emmy Knuppel. (Ruth's great grand-niece.)

The story of Ruth Rosa Luise Muhlmann with not have been possible without the help of my aunt, and Ruth's niece, Helen Knuppel Foster. Not only did my Tante Helen share with me the only pictures of Ruth known to exist, but she also told me the family history. Without this knowledge, the story of Ruth would have been lost. As an archaeologist, I realize how important oral tradition is to research.

Thank you, Tante Helen! Love you so much! ("Tante" is the German word for "aunt".)

We go way back. My brother and I lived with my grandparents, parents, and our Tante Helen for the first 2.5 years of my life. Here Tante Helen holds me while my brother pets me. :)

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